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It's not a secret that our bodies start to become deficient in certain hormones after the age of 25. However, just because we might start to feel the effects of "getting old," doesn't mean our everyday lives should be impacted. Medical and health professionals have been working for decades to crack the code behind long-lasting and natural wellness. Among techniques used today, BioTE is the newest and the most promising player.

Whether you are suffering from weight gain, bloating, or a variety of other symptoms, balancing your hormones may solve your issues. Our clinic, Bella Vita Med Spa, is one of the professional BioTE medical clinics in Hinsdale, IL. Our office specializes in utilizing natural products to restore balance to your hormones.

What is BioTE Hormone Replacement Therapy?

You might have heard of hormone replacement therapy (HRT), which uses replacement hormones synthesized in labs. Our health clinic uses BioTE bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, which is derived from natural sources, to help men and women suffering from a loss of hormone levels. Our staff helps individuals replace the natural hormones they need that has led to their low counts.

BioTE uses bioidentical hormones to help balance the body of both men and women. BioTE bioidentical hormone replacement therapy utilizes hormones that are biologically identical to the particles naturally made in your body.

How Pellet Therapy Works?

Our medical clinic uses implantable pellets that have a low risk of further interfering with your hormones. BioTE bioidentical hormone pellets, made from naturally sourced bioidentical hormones, are small - about the size of a grain of rice - and custom-compounded.

During BioTE therapy, the pellets are implanted just under clients' skin in our medical office, as opposed to traditional HRT injections. From there, we monitor your hormone levels. This medical therapy method helps every patient stay up-to-date on their hormone health.
Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy can take anywhere from two to four weeks, depending on each patient. However, some patients may not see optimum results until six months of BioTE pellet treatment.

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What Does BioTE Help With?

BioTE hormone replacement therapy helps you overcome a variety of symptoms that unbalanced hormones can cause. Everyone is affected differently, so we work with each patient to address their individual need. With replacement therapy, the goal is to help you reduce the hormone imbalance symptoms that are impacting you negatively and enable you to live your best life.

The most common symptoms of testosterone imbalances in men include:

Low libido
Sexual dysfunction (ED)
Chronic fatigue
Loss of muscle mass
Increased body fat (especially around the waist)
Decreased bone mass
Lower mental capacity
Mood changes
Brain fog

The most common symptoms of estrogen imbalances in women include:

Weight gain
Hot flashes
Night sweats
Decreased libido
Cold hands and feet

Our clinic focuses on natural treatment methods that will help your body get back to full health and address any negative symptoms you suffer due to hormonal imbalance. You won't have daily drug regimens while following our BioTE programs. We use data about your hormones to craft a plan and help you to meet your aesthetic goals. The medical team emphasizes giving you information so you can craft your continued-wellness method after the bioidentical hormone replacement therapy.

Why BioTE Over Creams, Capsules, or Shots?

Our medical clinic offers BioTE pellets because they are hassle-free. The BioTE hormone capsules allow men and women to approach therapy at their pace. For some patients, one use is enough, while others may require multiple dosages.
The medical industry prefers using BioTE due to the minimal negative impact that clients experience. Our products are all made to suit the hormone needs of our clients. For example, if you are experiencing lower-than-normal estrogen, we will focus on that during your therapy.
One of the perks of this system is that it mimics the body's natural circadian and diurnal rhythms.

Why Should I Connect with a Professional for Bioidentical Hormone Therapy?

With a professional clinic involved in your hormone replacement method, you can feel safe and comfortable going through the process. Your body takes time to get used to the bioidentical hormones, and having a highly-qualified medical team with you through the entire process may help you deal with the symptoms. Our medical professionals will assist you through possible low moods, any side effects, and help you stabilize your hormones' levels with BioTE therapy to get back to complete health.

Bella Vita Med Spa is a premier hormone replacement therapy medical office in Hinsdale, IL. Our team will help you get more information about BioTE treatment and our method. You can also click here to learn more.

To get in touch, you can call us or fill out a form on our website. We will go over any questions from potential side-effects to the products and therapy available. Our goal is to help all men and women have the best experience possible in finding the balance of their hormones.

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